Veronica Synth

I lied, I am obsessive. I'm terrible at speaking to people I know, but delight in speaking to people I don't know. I wish to spend the rest of my life with beautiful things and beautiful people. I am distant and I am loving. I sit by myself talking to the moon, laughing and crying. If I cared more, I would care more. Books are my lovers. My younger self would be proud of me.

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I honestly haven’t bought myself anything nice in awhile… Like, in over six months. LOL I think the last nice thing I bought myself was one of the new Sailor Moon mangas. Which isn’t really for myself, it’s for my collection. ~__~
And the thought of “buying myself something nice” now usually entails cleaning supplies or house things.. which aren’t things I should buy for myself to feel good, lol. Normal girls buy clothes or get their hair done, but not meeeeeee. Not out of choice, just out of.. idk. I don’t feel like spoiling myself anymore. And I think that’s unhealthy. There’s something wrong with me.

I think I’ve just pushed this ideal of “You don’t need to buy yourself anything excess” on myself a little too much this past year.

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"There are hundreds and thousands of events that kill off people with bright futures en masse each year. Right now, hundreds are dying and millions are suffering in floods in South Asia that most Americans don’t even know about.

9/11 IS a special case- because the response to it has been trillions of dollars out of proportion. Billions spent on unnecessary security that militarizes our police, billions of human hours lost to that security and worry, a war that won support in large part due to widespread misconception that Iraq and al Qaeda had anything to do with each other, moral high ground and critical leverage lost committing acts considered unjustified and/or torture by the international community and utterly ineffective at their objective.

All of those resources could have instead gone to saving untold hundreds of thousands from suffering and death, but instead they were spent on fear and anger. When people lament the response to 9/11, that is what they’re referring to. The best revenge we could have had was carrying on our lives, but we allowed those terrorist acts to change our lives, let ourselves become paranoid and fearful, and in doing so allowed them the victory they desired.”


By user: Westrim. Read More. 

This is what I’ve been saying for years about 9/11 and probably the most articulate way it’s been put imo. And that it was an inside job, but that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.

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